John Parker
Chief Operating Officer

In his role of Chief Operating Officer, John oversees the daily management of over $350 million in Top Line Revenue and the ascent of Real Hospitality Group to the top 15 of largest US Hotel Management Companies. He delivers on the RHG pillars of reliability, efficiency, accessibility and loyalty, and builds the trust that guides our important owner relationships. John’s leadership results in our hotels maintaining top market position, high performing RGI, and maximum NOI across the portfolio.

John previously served as Regional Vice President of one of the largest hospitality operating companies in the United States, managing owner relationships for high profile clients.  He executed an award winning approach to his guest service scores and was recognized by Marriott for excellence in his portfolio. John was also a General Manager for Marriott and Hilton branded hotels throughout the United States through his extensive career.

John is a member of the Marriott Owner’s Advisory Board and has been a featured speaker on panels for many national publications and organizations including Hotel Business and Hotel Management. He attended University of North Carolina and was awarded his Bachelor of Science degree in Travel, Tourism and Commercial Recreation.